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Shot of the Week

El Bolson Mt. Pilquitron

This 10-minute and insanely picturesque walk was our route from downtown El Bolsón, past the Todo supermarket and to our hostel under the shadow of Mt. Pilquitrón.

Karina for TKGO

Beers from El Bolsón

Patagonia’s Tastiest Products

part 3: beer

El Bolson beers

El Bolsón beers, by Karina for TKGO

In addition to jams, El Bolsón also boasts some seriously flavorful artisanal beers. The eponymous Cerveza El Bolsón wins for most inventive beers. Flavors include chocolate and strawberry, and all manage to retain their brew dignity while also tasting undeniably like chocolate, strawberry or whatever the flavor is.

Otto Tipp beer sampler

Otto Tipp sampler, by Karina for TKGO

Otto Tipp, which was started by a German immigrant of the same name, is the original, and serves up complimentary tastings. Araucana is another local favorite. You can purchase a big cup of Arraunca on tap at the famous artisan market in town, which takes place a few times a week.


Araucana Beers

Araucana Beers, by Karina for TKGO



Part 1: Chocolates from Bariloche

Part 2: Jam from El Bolsón

Karina for TKGO

Jam from El Bolsón

Patagonia’s Tastiest Products

part 2: Jam

Cabana Mico sign in El Bolson

Cabaña Micó sign in El Bolsón, by Karina for TKGO

El Bolsón encompasses a host of organic farms, and homemade jam is a local specialty. Cabaña Micó is considered to produce some of the tastiest and freshest, all without the assistance of additives and preservatives. Taste as many flavors as you’d like, though I wouldn’t expect to recognize them all, especially the berry flavors. Many of the fruits are specific to the area, such as the Calafate berry.

Cabana Mico

Inside Cabaña Micó, by Karina for TKGO

Two more posts coming, one Thursday, one Friday!

Part 1: Chocolates from Bariloche

Karina for TKGO