Mirablau and Mirabe

You must find a way to get to the top of Tibidabo for these mountainside neighboring nightspots

View from Mirabe, courtesy of JDolly.com

Both Mirablau and Mirabe are located at the top of Tibidabo and boast sweeping, breathtaking views of the city. (The tagline for Mirabe is “Barcelona’s balcony.”) While both are more relaxed and smaller than other clubs in Barcelona, it’s hard to categorize them as either a club or bar, especially during the busy weekends. Mirabe has more space for dancing and thus, more people dancing, while Mirablau attracts somewhat of an older (and highroller, despite the free entrance) crowd and is slightly smaller, but the white stone makes it a more impressive building. Both have scenic outdoor patios, and either spot individually make it worth the effort to get to Tibidabo.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

Mirabe: C/ Manuel Arnús 2. +34 93 434 00 35.
Official site >
Google Maps >
Mirablau: Plaça Doctor Andreu 1. +34 93 418 58 79.
Official Site >
Google Maps >

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