Nightlife in Barcelona

Barcelonans love to dance and love to socialize. The nightlife scene is club-heavy, but before you judge, know that clubgoer stereotypes don’t stand in Barcelona, because pretty much everyone under 35 hits the clubs. (This is Europe. More men dance here are 1) good at it, and 2) not ashamed of dancing.)

While many people lean toward favoring bars over clubs in Barcelona or vice versa, to fully experience the plentiful nightlife I recommend doing it up right and spending time at both. The bar scene — especially that of Raval — is definitely more hipster than most of the clubs, but with clubs, you really can find it all, from hipster and over-the-top to dance halls and lounges, even clubs along the beach and up on mountains. Just don’t expect things to get going until after 12 am, or to return home until 3 am at the earliest.

Some tips: After realizing how many free fliers to legitimate nightspots are passed out around the city, I made the goal of never paying a cover fee to enter a club. Whether it’s a flyer on the street, a Facebook group or an online guest list, it’s very doable.


Bikini: Massive dancing space and a Latin room make this a favorite >

Elephant Club: A luxurious lounge club in a converted mansion >

Lotus Theater: Dancing, a large central bar and booths around the perimeter >

*Mirablau and *Mirabe: You must find a way to get to the top of Tibidabo for these mountainside neighboring nightspots >

Moog: A small but mighty club in Raval >

*Port Olimpic: Flashy clubs Catwalk, *Shoko, *Opium and Carpe Diem Lounge Club line the beach >

*Razzmatazz: A warehouse of a club >

*Sala Apolo: The craziest Monday night party — “Nasty Mondays” — goes down here >

*Sutton: One of the best clubs in Barcelona, especially on Thursdays >


Ambar: A relaxed, lounge-like bar at the bottom of Rambla de Raval >

Betty Ford: Everything that’s wonderful — and questionable — about Raval coalesces here >

Chupitos: 500 types of shots (many involving fire), all for two Euros each >

*Marsella: The infamous and ancient absinthe bar in Raval >

*Oveja Negra: Order up pitchers of sangria or beer to split at wooden tables and benches in this cavernous, somewhat rustic bar >

Pippermint: Massive, planter-sized drinks >

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