Zapata Villa y Compañía

What’s probably the biggest steak in Acapulco can be found in the main restaurant of the Gran Hotel Acapulco

The night of the fake birthdays, as captured by my mom

Last time we visited this restaurant, which is the main eatery of the Acapulco Hyatt Regency, our family friends secretly informed the waiters it was both my and my sister’s birthdays. It wasn’t true, but next thing we knew a mariachi band, candelabra and round chocolate cake were making their way to us and sombreros were stuck on our heads. (In the end, I would have to say the little white lie was worth it.)

Old Mexico is alive in the restaurant that pays homage to figures of the Mexican Revolution. The decor is reminiscent of the countryside and gaucho lifestyle, and an adobe over sits near the entrance. The food also delivers, and I can almost guarantee you won’t go a whole meal without seeing multiple waiters carry a three-foot long sizzling Tampiquena steak to a table. And I can still almost taste the queso fundido appetizer we shared last time we went, that’s how good it was.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

Costera Miguel Alemán No 1. (744)

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