La Giralda

Chocolate con churros is a classic Argentinean snack, and this is the once place locals agree it’s best

La Giralda. Tara for TKGO.

You might take a look at the outside and cringe. It’s dirty, the service is notoriously horrendous and it will always be that way. Just go in. Old men read all day in the corner, others have conversations that seem to have been going on all day and will continue for the rest of it. This place is a porteño institution, and the chocolate espejo con churros, or a couple fried sticks of dough beside a cup of dark hot chocolate, is really the greatest thing you’ll ever taste in your life. Though there are better places for chocolate espejo (or dark hot chocolate), the churros are fantastic, and this may be the oldest place to order this Argentinean classic. You can order your churros filled with dulce de leche (called churros rellenos) or dipped in chocolate, or both. Either way, you’re expected to dunk the churros in the hot chocolate. Churro plates are mountainous, so bring a friend to share.

Corrientes 1453 at Uruguay, in Microcentro, 54-11-4371-3846. Cash only. You’ll spend around AR$20.
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