500 types of shots (many involving fire), all for two Euros each

Chupitos, courtesy of

People love Chupitos. Any American who has visited Barcelona most likely ended up here at some point, even though it’s an impossibly small and narrow bar. The size keeps it from becoming totally overrun with tourists, as some locals do come here for incandescent drinks or shots on fire now and then. Speaking of the fire, most of the shots you order involve it. A lot of them are sugary, too, (and as a result, pretty yummy) although if you ask for a straight shot of something or a more common drink, they’ll gladly serve it up to you. Just whatever you do, don’t order the Monica Lewinsky… at least for yourself. If you want to pull an embarrassing prank on a friend and you are confident they can publicly handle what an exploding beer and the name “Monica Lewinsky” might have in common, then order one for him or her.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

C/ d’Aribau 77.

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