One of the best clubs in Barcelona, especially on Thursdays

Sutton dancers, by Karina for TKGO

Sutton is such a scene, especially on Thursdays when it’s the night to go. While you have a lot of people purchasing bottles at tables, the club is still fun and accessible for people who might not be on a VIP budget. The décor is very cool and clean, with lots of clear fixtures. The main room has a large dance area near the base of a stage. Every so often some of the most gorgeous women in the city come out onto the stage in costumes matching the night’s theme and perform this beautiful (and respectable!) statuesque-like dancing. A separate room with a DJ spinning songs from Abba, REM and the Spice Girls is somehow not corny and adds more of a loose, fun feel to the club.

Know there is a dress code, though, and security will enforce it. Also, this is definitely a club you want to sign the guest list for to be sure you get in — it can get crowded — and don’t have to pay a hefty cover.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

C/ Tuset 13. +34 932 090 537‎.

Official site >
Google Maps >

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