Nightlife in Buenos Aires

I wish I could put an asterisk next to every entry. There isn’t a single one among these that you shouldn’t visit at least once. Mix it up! The beautiful thing about Argentinean nightlife is that nothing starts until late. Have dinner around 8 or 9 p.m. at Acabar, and remain at the table until 10 or 11 p.m., when you can head to a more low-key place, like Los Cardones, Ocho7Ocho or Portezuelo for some live music, a beer or a glass of wine. Finally, around 1 a.m., make your way toward the dance floor at Club Museum or Kika, or take in the scene from the rooftop at Carnal or the basement of Kim Y Novak.

Just one note before you get started: Argentines don’t drink to get drunk. In fact, they rarely even get tipsy, and they look down upon any borracho who stumbles past them. Besides the cultural differences, pickpockets keep their eyes peeled for drunk foreigners. Avoid drinking heavily unless you’re at an expat bar like Shamrock, and take a taxi home.

*Acabar: A colorful restaurant offers a late-night bar with plenty of board games >

La Academia: A shabby spot with too many pool tables and a menu of pizza and beer >

*Azucar: Make friends and learn to dance salsa, bachata, reggaeton, “rock and roll” and more >

*La Bomba de Tiempo: The Monday night place to be for stoners, rockers and anyone who loves drums >

Los Cardones: No one comes for the cheap wine—it’s the folclórico music that brings the crowds >

*Carnal: With a drink menu this extensive, you’ll want to hang on the outdoor terraces year round >

Club Lost (a.k.a. Club Araoz): Every Thursday, reggaeton and American hip hop beats satisfy a young crowd >

*Club Museum: The Wednesday night boliche to get you through the rest of week >

Feirs Park Hotel’s Happy Hour Diplomático: Drinks and appropriate music for you and grandma to have a good time >

Kika: This Friday night disco spot doesn’t close until the sun comes up >

*Kim Y Novak: A gay bar with kitchy decor and crazy patrons in the heart of Palermo >

Ocho7Ocho: The “secret” bar that hasn’t been a secret for quite some time now >

*Plaza Serrano: The only place that guarantees a hip, young crowd every weekend >

Portezuelo: A wine bar with selections from Argentina and beyond, plus great small plates >

Post Street Bar: The center of the Buenos Aires graffiti scene is… a bar. What else? >

Puerta Roja: A true expat secret, you’ll meet anyone from Albanians to Brits here >

Shamrock: An Irish expat bar overflowing with English speakers and foreign beers >

La Trastienda: This concert venue offers a great seating area to enjoy guitar crooners and rock stars alike >

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