Call it corny, call it the Dorney Park of Mexico, but it’s fun. My rule of thumb before heading into any place, especially restaurants or somewhere like Cici, is to see how many locals are in the place. If it’s good enough for them, chances are it’s authentic and therefore good enough for me. And let me tell you, people in Acapulco love Cici. In fact, my abuelita was always encouraging us to go for the day. “But you have the beach!” I would think. Why would you want a wave pool? I suppose everyone loves a good swim in machine-controlled waves, though.

Cici is a water park centrally-located — in fact, it’s right by El Cabrito — in the city. It’s got all the fun of a water park anywhere, including dolphin shows, tubes and water slides, but that fact that it’s right by the ocean and it Mexico makes it even cooler, not to mention a good place to cool off.


Av. Costera Miguel Aleman & Cristobal Colon, 01 744 484 1970

Cici Site

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