Northern Argentinean cuisine (stews and heavy sauces) at low prices in Recoleta

Locro (a stew with sausage, tripe, beans and other various vegetables) at Cumaná, courtesy of Flickr user scaredy_kat

Here you’ll find the best Northern Argentinean cuisine, or the Argentinean version of soul food. Stick with a stew; all of them are full of sauce, spice and flavor. One of the house specialties, if you’re willing to try it, is the mondongo, a savory stew made from big chunks of tripe simmering in a beef broth with assorted vegetables. (I’ve tried it, and I promise it’s spectacular!) This place is particularly inexpensive, too.

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Rodriguez Peña 1149 at Santa Fe, in Recoleta. (54-11) 4813-9207. Cash only. Expect to drop AR$30, including a beverage.
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