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Shot of the Week

El Bolson Mt. Pilquitron

This 10-minute and insanely picturesque walk was our route from downtown El Bolsón, past the Todo supermarket and to our hostel under the shadow of Mt. Pilquitrón.

Karina for TKGO

Ice Cream in Patagonia

Patagonia’s Tastiest Products

part 4: helado

Helados Jauja, by Karina for TKGO

Helados Jauja, by Karina for TKGO

The most underrated or overlooked aspect of Argentine gastronomy: helado. Helado is the delectable happy-medium—that perfect halfway point—between traditional, creamy American ice cream and dense, flavorful Italian gelato.

Helados Jauja flavors, by Karina for TKGO

Many Bariloche chocolate shops, including Rapa Nui, also serve up helado. My personal favorite is Helados Jauja (pronouched “how-ha”). From the organic farms of El Bolsón come the ingredients for Jauja, and the quality is discernible in each bite: it all tastes fresh and full-flavored.

Cone of Jauja almond and chocolate with plum helado, by Karina for TKGO

Coming on Sunday, a Patagonia Lake District Shot of the Week.

Part 1: Chocolates from Bariloche

Part 2: Jam from El Bolsón

Part 3: Beers from El Bolsón

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Beers from El Bolsón

Patagonia’s Tastiest Products

part 3: beer

El Bolson beers

El Bolsón beers, by Karina for TKGO

In addition to jams, El Bolsón also boasts some seriously flavorful artisanal beers. The eponymous Cerveza El Bolsón wins for most inventive beers. Flavors include chocolate and strawberry, and all manage to retain their brew dignity while also tasting undeniably like chocolate, strawberry or whatever the flavor is.

Otto Tipp beer sampler

Otto Tipp sampler, by Karina for TKGO

Otto Tipp, which was started by a German immigrant of the same name, is the original, and serves up complimentary tastings. Araucana is another local favorite. You can purchase a big cup of Arraunca on tap at the famous artisan market in town, which takes place a few times a week.


Araucana Beers

Araucana Beers, by Karina for TKGO



Part 1: Chocolates from Bariloche

Part 2: Jam from El Bolsón

Karina for TKGO

Jam from El Bolsón

Patagonia’s Tastiest Products

part 2: Jam

Cabana Mico sign in El Bolson

Cabaña Micó sign in El Bolsón, by Karina for TKGO

El Bolsón encompasses a host of organic farms, and homemade jam is a local specialty. Cabaña Micó is considered to produce some of the tastiest and freshest, all without the assistance of additives and preservatives. Taste as many flavors as you’d like, though I wouldn’t expect to recognize them all, especially the berry flavors. Many of the fruits are specific to the area, such as the Calafate berry.

Cabana Mico

Inside Cabaña Micó, by Karina for TKGO

Two more posts coming, one Thursday, one Friday!

Part 1: Chocolates from Bariloche

Karina for TKGO

Chocolates from Bariloche

Patagonia’s Tastiest Products

I spent the Christmas holiday in the Patagonia Lake District, about a 20-hour drive south of Buenos Aires. It was the perfect time to be in the area, as the relative cold and snow-capped surrounding mountains gave the place the wintry, festive feel I am used to around Christmas, though it was still early summer. Another major reason I was in my typical holiday spirit was thanks to the rich regional goodies, specifically chocolates.

Some of the country’s finest artesenal chocolates, beers and jams are produced in Patagonian Lake District towns, and many are available only there. I was sure to get my fill while in town, and also stock up on some to bring back home. Below is some of the edible best of Patagonia.

part 1: Chocolate

Bariloche, the “Argentine Swiss Alps” is heaven for a chocolate lover. Numerous factories in town churn out truffles, chocolate bars, and chocolate candies sell them at their own local stores, which, with the smell of fresh chocolate wafting out, I found impossible to pass without entering. All brands sell their version of chocolate en rama, a popular and Bariloche-unique form chocolate is crafted into that somewhat resembles a tree trunk or tight cluster of small branches.

Rapa Nui Chocolate en rama

Rapa Nui Chocolate en rama, by Karina for TKGO

My personal artesenal chocolate stores—and I took it upon myself to try the majority of them—were Rapa Nui, Chocolates del Turista (in my opinion it has the best “chocolate en rama”) and Mamuschka. Take a self-guided tour and pop in and out of chocolate stores for free samples.


Mamuschka, by Karina for TKGO

How I wish I still had one piece of chocolate en rama, or rather the willpower to have saved one. Instead, I’ll divert my focus into putting together three more posts about Patagonia’s tastiest products.

Karina for TKGO

Shot of the Week

Salar de Uyuni salt flat BoliviaThe Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the world’s largest salt flat, making it an important source of table salt as well as lithium, which lies in pools beneath the salt. It also happens to be a stunning tourist destination. Read more about the salar on TKGO.

Tara for TKGO

The Tents: New York Fashion Week, Parte Deux

The fashion, styling and off-the-wall beauty tips have magazine editors swooning, but being a spectator at fashion week is all about the show: lights, cameras and music.

Sam Ronson DJs the Charlotte Ronson Fall 2011 show at New York Fashion WeekSam Ronson, Charlotte’s sister, is famous all on her own for her skills with a turntable. Her best move? When a model with hot pink hair emerged from the backdrop, she made the seats shake with The Strokes’ first single from their new album. The song, “Under Cover of Darkness,” was released February 9th.

And then there are the bloggers.

Adryan and Bryan Boy at New York Fashion Week, Fall 2011

Bloggers are always happy to strike a pose. Bryan Boy (left, obviously) is pictured with my fashion week date, Adryan of La Bird Boheme, by Tara for TKGO

Yes, bloggers. Bryan Boy, who splits his time between New York and the Philippines, found himself with front row tickets to multiple shows, including Charlotte Ronson’s. His neon lime green fedora and matching fluorescent lime green fur anklets may have been photographed as frequently as what was actually on the runway.

The sponsors were equally flashy. To promote the new Pepsi Slim, Pepsi built a bar in the middle of The Tents to hand out samples and erected seven-foot aluminum high heeled shoes around the courtyard to amuse anyone waiting in lines.

Pepsi Slim for New York Fashion Week, Fall 2011New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 Lincoln CenterNYFW Fall 2011 Mercedes Benz The Tents(Did I mention why they call it “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week”?)

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