The creamy, homemade gourmet ice cream in Wilmette has earned top praise from Bon Appetit

Inside Homer's in Wilmette, by Karina for TKGO

Homer’s is the real deal. Your first impression might be a little off-putting — the interior somewhat resembles a Friendly’s aesthetic – but there is nothing hokey about Homer’s. My friend who grew up in Wilmette says when she remembers summers, she always thinks of Homer’s.

When I visited in October, I tried maple walnut and pumpkin pie, and it really tasted as though I had the flavors of fall in my ice cream dish. The ice cream is thick and smooth, and the the freshness of the cream and other ingredients is discernible. As for the flavors, which range from Kona Hawaiian Coffee to fresh peach (an award winner), expect to taste what you order. For example, in addition to tasting a generous helping of crunchy walnuts in my maple walnut ice cream, it also was infused with real maple syrup. But I have to say, despite the fame of fresh peach, raspberry chocolate chip is my favorite. The dark chocolate chips and rich raspberry ice cream is like one step up from chocolate covered fruit.

A scoop of moosetracks (top) and raspberry chocolate chip ice cream from Homer's, by Karina for TKGO

Homer’s also sells food, from your typical burgers and chicken sandwiches to macaroni and cheese and sweet potato fries. As much as I love sweet potato fries, I have yet to try Homer’s food, because every time I go I can’t help but fill up on the best ice cream around.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

1237 Green Bay Rd., Wilmette. (847) 251-0477.
Official site >
Google Maps >

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