Cafés and Sweets in Buenos Aires

Not ready for dinner, but you’ve already had lunch? No fear. Porteños, or the name the natives of Buenos Aires like to call themselves, have created another entire meal in the middle of the two: the merienda. (They eat lunch by 1 p.m. and don’t have dinner until 8 or 9 p.m., so you can see the need for something in between!) At 4 p.m., the city sits down to a cup of coffee and a sweet pastry, a miga sandwich, an ice cream or a picada.


*Boulevard Corrientes: A neighborhood favorite for sandwiches de miga and baked apple cake >

Las Delicias: Another neighborhood confitería with fresh breads and tea cookies >

Dos Escudos: Cakes from this trendy bakery in a posh neighborhood will impress friends >


Café de los Angelitos: This tourist trap has reasonable prices and some of the best hot chocolate in the city >

Café Tolón: This quiet café is perfect for catching up with an old friend over a smoothie or a beer >

Café Tortoni: While Café de los Angelitos is still a decent place for a cup, Tortoni is reserved for people-watching >

Clásica y Moderna: This little “writer’s café” offers a good cup of joe and an attached bookstore >

*La Giralda: Chocolate con churros is a classic Argentinean snack, and this is one place locals agree it’s best >

El Último Beso: The secret garden behind this café is perfect for a coffee break between hitting up shops in Palermo >

Other Snacks

Bodega Amparo: A former wine cellar with preserved fruits and olives galore >

*Caramelito: Dried fruits and a wall of different types of honey will keep you coming back for more >

*Havanna: If alfajores were a religion (and they are in Argentina), Havanna would be the pope (and it is) >

*Helados Via Maggiore: My favorite spot for Argentina’s famously custard-y ice cream >

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