La Rica Vicky

Real spicy food amid Peruvian expats (and TV shows) in Abasto

La Rica Vicky, by Tara for TKGO

The best Peruvian food in Buenos Aires! Really authentic. Order the “Leche del tigre” (it’s not on the menu). It’s a mixed-seafood ceviche unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. You’re going to need the oversized kernels of puffed corn they pour on the side of your plate—let’s just say it’s the only way to cool your mouth down after a bite of this spicy dish. The people in this neighborhood are really friendly and will help you choose something good from the menu. (That’s if they’re not glued to the TVs scattered around the restaurant playing Peruvian shows.) But perhaps the greatest advantage to La Rica Vicky is its proximity to… La Bomba de Tiempo.

Tara for TKGO City Guides

Ecuador 467 between Av. Corrientes and Valentín Gomez, in Abasto. (54-11) 4866-5824. Cash only. Expect to drop about AR$25.
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