La Granja

My favorite little café with heavenly hot chocolate (read on to find out what “hot chocolate” is like in Spain)

La Granja, by Karina for TKGO

This café is slightly hidden on one of the many, similar looking and lovely streets of Born. There’s no sign to call your attention, but the warm light emanating from inside will draw you into the café. Granja means “milk bar,” so choose from one of many milk-based drinks, including coffee options (strong coffee in Spain, and no artificial sweeteners, by the way) or a variety of hot chocolate flavors. “Hot chocolate” in Spain, by the way, is essentially a melted bar of dark chocolate: heaven! At La Granja, the hot chocolate is infused with flavors such as fruits like orange or certain types of alcohol.

Enjoy your drink — slightly alcoholic or just caffeinated — and the satisfaction of having a quiet spot locals love.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

C/ Banys Nous 4. +34 93 302 69 75.

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