A favorite brunch locale with creative versions of standard breakfast fare

Inside Toast's Lincoln Park location, by Tara for TKGO

Toast is another prime example of Chicago’s brunch sweet tooth, and just how much people love a good brunch spot in this city. Case in point: Be sure to go to Toast on a weekday, or if you’re only free on the weekend, get there early. We know people who have spent hours on any given weekend Toast trip.

Toast is relatively small — especially given how popular it is — and has an airy, relaxed feel to it. Unlike Bongo Room (people often compare the two), it’s devoid of blasting music, and there’s a slim chance anyone would feel as though they might not be cool or young enough to be brunching at Toast. Toast is a great place to brunch with anyone: friends, a significant other, even family.

When we visited the Lincoln Park location, Tara ordered the “Lorraine” omelet and Karina the “Pancake Orgy,” both of which we split to achieve that perfect hearty-sweet brunch combination. (The menu also includes typical lunch grub, such as sandwiches.) Folded into the Lorraine omelet was applewood smoked bacon, gruyere cheese, onion and chives. We couldn’t get over it; it was incredible.

Lorraine omelet (top), Pancake Orgy (below) at Toast, by Karina for TKGO

As for the “Pancake Orgy,” it included three pancakes: blueberry, lemon poppy seed and banana pecan. The blueberry pancake was perfectly fluffy, and the banana pecan tasted like a lighter piece of banana bread, which we enjoyed. The lemon poppy seed had a nice flavor, but unfortunately was a little gummy. Luckily the other two were delicious enough to balance it out. We also loved the syrup substitute of vanilla yogurt and honey drizzled on top and sprinkled with homemade berry granola, as well as fresh fruit.

Also, we both were tempted to order one of the specials: carrot cake pancakes. Maybe next time…

Tara and  Karina for TKGO City Guides

Lincoln Park: 746 W. Webster Ave. (773) 935-5600. Bucktown: 2046 North Damen Ave. (773) 772-5600.
Official site >
Google Maps >

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