Philadelphia Museum of Art

Even the steps are an attraction in their own right (think Rocky), not to mention the extensive and impressive collection inside

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art, courtesy of

Walk or drive the road leading up to the museum, too, (Benjamin Franklin Parkway) which is another one of my favorite parts of the city. The street is lined with the flags of countries from around the world in alphabetical order, and if you’re anything like Tara and me, you’ll try to guess them all.

Also, the steps outside the museum is the site of the famous training scene in Rocky (so much to see even before you get inside!), and you’ll undoubtedly spot a fair amount of runners taking the boxer’s lead and sprinting up and down. If you feel so inclined, there’s even a Rocky statue down at the base of the steps, as well.

But as for the museum. One of my favorite exhibitions was “Cézanne and Beyond,” which ran last spring, but sadly is now over. The building is beautiful, though, and there’s a ton to see in the collections. Don’t expect to get through the entire museum in a day, but definitely get started exploring it.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

26th St. & Benjamin Franklin Parkway. (215) 763-8100.

Official site >

Google Maps >

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