Chicago Cultural Center

Music, art, performances — get it all in one beautiful, ornate space

Chicago Cultural Center during the World Music Festival, by Karina for TKGO.

The Chicago Cultural Center is stunning from the outside. Add in its domed ceilings — one by Tiffany — stained-glass interior and a wealth of fascinating programming, and you have the cultural gem of Chicago. Best yet, all this beauty is free. Take a (free!) tour through the majestic halls and different rooms, each with its own aesthetic theme, or enjoy the architecture while attending a performance or foreign flick, or while viewing an art show. This past fall, the World Music Festival took place at the Cultural Center, which Tara and I had the chance to attend (and loved).

And apparently, you can elope for the mere cost of $10 in Cultural Center’s G.A.R Memorial Hall. Or, you know, just arrange for a marriage here ahead of time, too.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

78 E. Washington St., Chicago. (312) 744-6630.
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