Plaza Serrano

The only place that guarantees a hip, young crowd every weekend

A corner of Plaza Serrano, courtesy of Flickr user Vic Lic

On a weekend night, there is one place to be. And it’s Plaza Serrano. This plaza is a ring of bars, all with different vibes and all hopping every Friday and Saturday. You’ll find a disco pool hall with a neon exterior (Tazz), a bar known for introducing foreigners to locals amidst bowls of peanuts (Cronico), an artsy scene with an attractive crowd (Bar El Taller), and many other favorites.

Change your location every couple hours for a well-rounded night. Start with dinner and a beer at Cronico before hopping around the plaza for the rest of the night. If you make it to 1 a.m. on a Friday, stop by Kika and dance until the sun comes up!

Note: During the day on weekends, Plaza Serrano becomes a flea market for local designers.

Plaza Serrano is all you’ll hear people say, but it’s real name is what’s written on all the maps: Plazoleta Julio Cortázar. It’s located at the intersection of calles Serrano, J. L. Borges and Honduras.
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