Argentineans haven’t realized the virtues of Peruvian food yet, probably because they’re not such huge fans of anything spicy or anything non-Argentine. That said, most of the people you’ll find in these Peruvian joints are Peruvian expats living and working in Bs As. The food is always inexpensive but rarely of poor quality. Beware: Even if you speak Spanish, you will need help deciphering the menu. (Each dish on the menu has a name but no description!) If you’re too afraid to ask what’s in each dish, just choose anything with pollo, or chicken, and it’s usually a safe bet. Any place you find is likely to be a good one! Here are two of my favorites.

La Rica Vicky

Real spicy food amid Peruvian expats (and TV shows) in Abasto

The best Peruvian food in Buenos Aires! Really authentic. Order the “Leche del tigre” (it’s not on the menu). It’s a mixed-seafood ceviche unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. more >

Ecuador 467 between Av. Corrientes and Valentín Gomez, in Abasto, 54-11-4866-5824. Cash only. Expect to drop about AR$25.
Guia Oleo reviews >
Google Maps >


A slightly more upscale Peruvian spot in Congreso

This place is also great, and it’s in Congreso, a fun neighborhood to explore. Don’t order Inca Kola, whatever you do. more >

Virrey Cevallos 178 at Adolfo Alsina, in Congreso/Microcentro, 54-11-4382-8531. Expect to drop AR$40 (but you can use a credit card).
Guia Oleo reviews >
Read the Fodor’s review >
Google Maps >

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