City Guides

Welcome to our latest project, the TKGO City Guides. The TKGO City Guides are a permanent work in progress, meaning we’ll continue to explore and discover, and update accordingly. As always, everything we recommend we’ve tried and loved. Look for the asterisk (*) that marks our absolute favorites. If you want to know our take on a place we haven’t listed, shoot us an email at Tara(at) or Karina(at) or leave a comment. If we’ve been, we’ll give you our thoughts. If we haven’t, we would love to check it out. We’re always up for new adventures.

Acapulco, Mexico

Barcelona, Spain

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chicago, Illinois

Evanston, Illinois

Naples, Florida

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Princeton, New Jersey

Look out for these guides, still in the works but set to debut soon:
Boston, Massachusetts
Fox Cities, Wisconsin
Las Vegas, Nevada
New York, New York