California Burrito Company

Craving Chipotle in Microcentro? CBC will satisfy

Mmm, a Chipotle in Buenos Aires, courtesy of the CBC web site

If you’re homesick. And at home you ate Chipotle.

CBC was started by a couple guys from the U.S., so of course it has a web site. However, you won’t find anyone working here who speaks English, but chances are the rest of the customers are Americans and are also there satisfying a craving for Chipotle. You can pick your protein and fillings, including sour cream, guacamole, different salsas and the like. And don’t worry, the burrito is as big as Chipotle’s, too. Look for discounted prices on Taco Tuesday.

Tara for TKGO City Guides

Lavalle 441 at San Martín, in Microcentro. (54-11) 4328-3057. A second location is at Godoy Cruz 1781, at Honduras, in Palermo. (54-11) 5291-1359. They deliver. Expect to drop around AR$30.
Official site >
Guia Oleo reviews >
Read Argentina Travel’s blog about CBC >
Google Maps >

Courtesy of the CBC web site

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