Sometimes, you’ve had enough of the beef and pork and pasta and need a little something new. Here are a few options that might give you a nice dose of American expat culture in Buenos Aires, if you ever just need to speak English for an hour or two.

Bangalore Pub and Curry House

Not as spicy as you’d hope Indian food might be, but the beer list is surprising, in Palermo

This place has pretty good food (it’s not as spicy as you’d hope, but more so than usual). But only ex-pats and English speakers frequent… My waitress was from Colorado. more >

Humboldt 1416 at Niceto Vega, in Palermo, 54-11-4779-2621. Cash only. Expect to drop about AR$60.
Guia Oleo reviews >
Read the SaltShaker blog about the Bangalore Pub >
Google Maps >

California Burrito Company

Craving Chipotle in Microcentro? CBC will satisfy

If you’re homesick. And at home you ate Chipotle. CBC was started by a couple guys from the U.S., so of course it has a web site. However, you won’t find anyone working here who speaks English… more >

Lavalle 441 at San Martín, in Microcentro, 54-11-4328-3057. A second location at Godoy Cruz 1781, at Honduras, in Palermo, 54-11-5291-1359. They deliver. Expect to drop around AR$30.
Official site >
Guia Oleo reviews >
Read Argentina Travel’s blog about CBC >
Google Maps >


The closest you’ll come to a New York (or European) brunch, in Palermo

It’s a good brunch spot if you’re homesick for European or American dishes, like eggs, breakfast meats or a pile of waffles… more >

Gorriti 5870 at Carranza, in Palermo. Cash only. Outdoor seating. Expect to drop between AR$70 and AR$100.
Guia Oleo reviews >
Read what the New York Times has to say >
Google Maps >

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