Museu Picasso

One of the most extensive collections of the famous Cubist artist’s work

Museu Picasso Barcelona

Picasso adored Barcelona and for years, he called it home. The Museu Picasso on Montcada, an old street in the Born neighborhood of the city, contains about 3,800 of Picasso’s works. You won’t see too many of Picasso’s well-known masterpieces, but the collection does include some of the most important works from his younger years, as well as his Las Meninas series.

Five connecting townhouses and palaces originally built in the 13th to 15th centuries comprise the museum. The buildings – hidden from sight of any main street – have been beautifully preserved and feature central courtyards that lend the museum an airy, relaxed feel.

While 3,800 sounds like a lot (and it is), the Museum Picasso is a manageable size. You can get through it leisurely in a couple of hours, and you leave with a better familiarity of Picasso the Catalan, lifelong artist, rather than solely Picasso the Cubist. Unique to the museum is his deep connection to the city, which comes across in a number of works in the collection.

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