Chicago French Market

Thirty hand-picked gourmet local vendors to taste

Tara outside the Chicago French Market, by Karina for TKGO

We have adventured to the Chicago French Market a couple of times, and probably will again, considering how convenient it is. (It is located in the Ogilvie Transportation Center.) The market, though, is a worthy destination in and of itself, given the array and quality of the vendors. Moreover, it is Chicago’s only year-round indoor marketplace.

Some of our favorite vendors include Necessity Baking Co., Canady Le Chocolatier, Sweet Miss Giving’s and Raw (try the tuna spread with cayenne pepper — it’s incredible), which was not yet open during our first visit. We loved Saigon Sisters during our first trip, but unfortunately found the Frenchman sandwich a little off during our second visit (stale bread, for one). Still, every vendor is definitely deserving of a taste.

Stop in on your lunch break for a welcome alternative to Subway, or after work to pick up fresh, local ingredients for dinner.

Tara and Karina for TKGO City Guides

131 N. Clinton at MetraMarket (in the West Loop), at Ogilvie Transportation Center.
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