El Faro

The best choripan, but the most difficult place to find (it’s worth it!) in Retiro

The best choripan in the nation is here, in my opinion, and that’s saying something! What’s choripan? Chorizo is a spicy sausage common in Spanish-speaking countries, but of course, Argentines like to say it’s their own invention (and I have to say, they do it best). Pan is bread, in this case, a French baguette cut to the length of the chorizo. So choripan is when you put the two together, essentially producing an Argentine bratwurst. It’s always inexpensive.

This restaurant is by no means a beacon of hospitality, nor is it particularly clean, and you may very well end up eating while every man in the place stares at you. But I’m not recommending any other choripan spot because this surpasses every other. Be sure to ask for the chimichurri sauce, too! That’s half the sandwich.

Tara for TKGO City Guides

If it has an address, I couldn’t tell you (and I don’t know if the owners could either). You will get lost trying to find it, so don’t get frustrated. Keep walking past the Retiro train station toward the Retiro bus station (which is on the same side of the road as the train station). You should end up in a slightly sketchier area. If you’re feeling like everyone around you is trying to either sell you something, steal something from you or is madly running to make it to the bus, you’ll know you’re in the right spot. It has a Coca-Cola sponsored sign, umbrellas, and dirty white tables (with some outdoor seating). Guía Óleo doesn’t even list this place, and one reason might be that the kind of people who eat there most definitely do not have computers and do not very often use the Internet.
Google Maps of the Retiro bus station location >

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