Café Tolón

This quiet café is perfect for catching up with an old friend over a smoothie or a beer

Smoothies at Café Tolón with Ashley. Tara for TKGO.

Order any smoothie on the menu and you will be so happy you will wonder why you have a flight back to the U.S.

Tolón rarely gets crowded, probably because it’s not a traditional Argentinean café. They do serve great coffee, but the best items on the menu are the smoothies and beer. Try anything that combines fruits, milk and/or coconut. Lime and kiwi are some of my favorite additions. The beer selection is also sizable for a café. Stick with Quilmes, the beer brewed just outside the city. Smoothies are accompanied by sweeter snacks, but beer comes with salty crackers—something to consider when the craving hits.

This is one café accommodating of larger groups, and it’s open 24 hours so good for studying for exams (if you’re studying abroad like Ashley and I were for our five months in Buenos Aires). But the patrons keep to themselves—they’re also there catching up with old friends and don’t want to be disturbed by loud Americans—so keep it down.

Av. Santa Fe 3200 at Coronel Diaz, in Palermo, 54-11-4822-6134. Sorry, no official site or Guía Óleo!
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