Canady Le Chocolatier

Rich chocolates and a taste of Chicago (read on to find out why)

Canady Le Chocolatier at the Chicago French Market, by Karina for TKGO.

Tara and I tasted Canady’s chocolates for the first time at the Chicago French Market. TimeOut Chicago had just named Canady Le Chocolatier’s crème brûlée truffle — complete with a hardened sugar disk on top — one of its 100 Best Eats of 2009, so we were sure to try it out. (Delicious, of course.) I also was a fan of their Chicago-themed chocolates, which included a raspberry truffle with a cello and the words “Chicago Symphony” adorning the top of the dark chocolate ganache.

In addition to specialty chocolates for comparatively cheap, I hear the gelato is the closest you’ll find in Chicago to what they sell on the tiny streets of Italy, but I’ll have to visit the full Canady outpost in the South Loop to try it myself.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

824 S. Wabash St., Chicago. (312) 212-1270.
Official site >
TKGO post about Canady Le Chocolatier >
Google Maps >

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