Buffalo Exchange

A selective vintage store

Vintage Botega Venetta fur-lined suede and leather boots, $13 at Buffalo Exchange, courtesy of my friend Adryan.

Buffalo Exchange might have stores around the country, but each outpost has its own personality. The reason is simple: The majority of what each store vends is what they select to re-sell from their local clientele. Other than two stores in Chicago and one in Minneapolis, that’s all the buffalo exchanging going on in the Midwest.

The stores are stocked with recent, relevant and stylish “vintage,” and you don’t have to think too hard to envision yourself assembling a flattering outfit from your finds, which is the predicament (at least for me) at many vintage stores. One of my favorite dresses, in fact is a Betsey Johnson number I picked up at the Chicago Lakeview store for less than $35. Without fail, I walk out of Buffalo Exchange with purchases I’m overly excited about.

My friend Adryan in her (faux) fur coat, made in France, $35 at Buffalo Exchange, courtesy of Adryan.

-Karina for TKGO City Guides

2875 N. Broadway St., Chicago. (773) 549-1999.
Official site >
More locations >
Google Maps >

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