Blind Faith Café

A vegetarian restaurant and bakery that takes its food seriously

Shots of Blind Faith, courtesy of the official site

Vegans and vegetarians — or just people who love wholesome food and veggies — delight in this more upscale establishment with few even vaguely hippie overtones. The options are varied and interesting enough that you might even forget it’s a strictly vegetarian restaurant. They mix Asian, Latin and even traditional Moroccan inspired-food on their menu, and it’s perhaps the only place in Evanston to order a macriobiotic plate. Be warned, though, that dinner entrees cost about $14, which some people think is a little much to pay for a meatless dinner. If you’re not down for dinner, try the bakery. There’s also an adjoining vegan bakery, and I hear the goods are quite tasty (chocolate peanut butter cake?!), though I have yet to try them.

Karina for TKGO

525 Dempster St., Evanston. 847-328-6875.

Official site >

Google Maps >

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