Cafe Lurcat

A swanky night spot for a hot bite or spicy cocktail

The mix of high and low tables, sofas and barstools, and, of course, the mood lighting, make Lurcat a hot nighttime destination. If you’re looking for a three-course dinner date spot, look no further.

Order the Apple, Cheese and Chive Salad ($8.50), a Lurcat specialty, as a starter. The must-have on the menu is a side dish: the Roasted Cauliflower ($9).

Dinner entrees aren’t anything spectacular. The Seared Ahi with Lemon Confit ($26.50) and the Pan Roasted Salmon with Aromatic Salted Herbs ($23) are well done, but nothing special. Instead, go for the Pot Roast with Red Wine ($19.50) or the Sea Bass Marinated in Miso ($31), which is reminiscent of USS Nemo’s (much better done) Miso Broiled Sea Bass. You’ll fare well with any of the red meat on the menu.

A $12 cocktail makes any meal taste better, and Lurcat has plenty of those. Ask the bartender to whip up such juicy concoctions as an Apricot-Tini (peach and citrus vodkas, orange juice and apricot preserves, $13) or a Dutch Holiday (Ketel One Vodka, lime juice, Mint and Simple Syrup, “served tall with a splash of soda,” $12).

Bottoms up!

Tara for TKGO City Guides

494 Fifth Avenue South, Naples. (239) 213-3357.
Official site >
Lurcat’s dinner menu (PDF) >
Lurcat’s bar/drink menu (PDF) >
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