The closest you’ll come to a New York (or European) brunch, in Palermo

It’s a good brunch spot if you’re homesick for European or American dishes, like eggs, breakfast meats or a pile of waffles. It’s expensive though, and like most of Palermo, it’s really trendy. (Expect to drop between AR$70 and AR$100.) Like at any solid brunch spot, there is alcohol to cure your hangover from last night’s debauchery. You can find over 60 types of vodkas here, all safely stowed away in temp-regulated freezers to keep them tasting brilliant. The place is stunning—made mostly of wood and accented with a deeper lime green color. Go for the outdoor seating on a nice day. The down side: You won’t find many locals here. Up side: If there are any expat friends you didn’t know were in Buenos Aires, you’ll most likely run into them here. Or you’ll make new friends who probably went to college with your brother.

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Gorriti 5870 at Carranza, in Palermo. Cash only. Outdoor seating. Expect to drop between AR$70 and AR$100.
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