The Bar at the Peninsula Chicago

A hopping, sleek bar in an upscale hotel

The Bar at the Peninsula Chicago, courtesy of the official site

The Peninsula’s younger crowd separates it from other similar upscale hotels along and off Michigan Avenue. The music is louder, the interior is darker and sleeker, and it overall has a more social, night-out feel to it than places like the Four Seasons or Drake. Still, the bar at the Peninsula Chicago is a luxurious spot, and it’s highly appropriate it is located on Superior Street.

The drink menu is fun, with a list of creative cocktails with names like “Jet Li.” The bar at the Peninsula is a place where you can feel like a million bucks without being the obvious youngest person in the place.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

108 E. Superior St. (312) 337-2888
Official site >
Google Maps >

One response to “The Bar at the Peninsula Chicago

  1. Their chocolate buffet is unREAL. Little pricey, but great food and great room!

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