Dos Escudos

Cakes from this trendy bakery in a posh neighborhood will impress friends

Two of my favorites from Dos Escudos, courtesy of the Dos Escudos catering web site

This little confitería is famous for its cakes! It’s the classic housewarming present, or “thanks for inviting me to dinner, I’m sorry I can’t cook so I brought this instead” kind of gift. (I still really prefer Boulevard Corrientes.) You’ll find some great individually-portioned treats here, too. I recommend the torta balcarce, a little cake with whipped cream, crunchy biscuits, dulce de leche and merengue, covered in nuts. It’s common, but Dos Escudos does it particularly well.

Tara for TKGO City Guides

Montevideo 1696 at Guido, in Recoleta. (54-11) 4805-4329. (The web site says the address is Av. Las Heras 3014 but you won’t find it there!) Individual portions range from AR$7 to AR$9. Cakes vary, expect around AR$60.
Official site >
Catering site >
Google Maps >

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