Helados Via Maggiore

My favorite spot for Argentina’s famously custard-y ice cream

Helados Via Maggiore. Tara for TKGO.

Argentine helado is unparalleled, but that unfortunately doesn’t include trendy chains like Freddo and Persicco, which you’ll find dotted all over the city. Instead, seek out any of the places that look like they might collapse, which offer much tastier options.

However, these on-the-brink-of-collapse places have a secret: each only makes three incredible flavors. (The rest just take up freezer space and satisfy cravings.) The key is to ask the owners what the best flavors are, and whatever they say, you won’t be disappointed.

This, however, is where Helados Via Maggiore differs.

Maggiore is the only helado place I will recommend. While most heladerías offer three or so excellent flavors, at Maggiore you can’t go wrong. It just so happens that every flavor is the best one you’ll ever lick.

All in all, even the worst Argentinean helado blows American ice creams out of the water. They’re made with fresh cream, usually daily, and no one skimps on the calories. Delicious.

You can taste test in most heladerías, including Maggiore, but here are some of the locals’ favorite flavors to get you started. (Granizado/a means it comes with chocolate chunks.)

If you like chocolate-based ice creams, try: chocolate con almendras, dulce de leche, chocolate suiza, menta granizada, granizado de chocolate.

If you like vanilla-based ice creams, try: americana,  crema rusa, tramontana, lemon pie, mascarpone.

As for the sorbets, try frutti di bosco (berries) and sabayon (a fruit we don’t get here, similar to starfruit in taste, at least in sorbet).

Happy licking!

Av. Callao 777 between Viamonte and Av. Córdoba, 54-11-4814-3438.
Official site (in Spanish) >
Google Maps >

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