If you’re on the way to a friend’s apartment, the Argentine thing to do is to stop at a bakery, or confitería, for a small cake or some sandwiches de miga for the whole crew. Sandwiches de miga are special for the bread: a thinly-sliced, crustless, fluffy white bread. While Mister Miga is a reliable chain, the best sandwiches de migacome from bakeries, which make them fresh to order. The fillings are always simple, and the best kinds are usually a combination of only two of the following: lettuce, green olives, tomato, cooked ham, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, prosciutto or cheese (this can mean anything from roquefort to a processed cheese spread called Sancor).

Boulevard Corrientes

A neighborhood favorite for sandwiches de miga and a baked apple cake

Take a number when you walk in the door, and then take a moment to catch your breath. It’s going to take you a second to realize you’re not Candyland. more >

Av. Corrientes 3961 at Medrano, in Almagro, 54-11-4862-0500.
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Dos Escudos

Cakes from this trendy bakery in a posh neighborhood will impress friends

This little confitería is famous for its cakes! It’s the classic housewarming present or “thanks for inviting me to dinner, I’m sorry I can’t cook so I brought this instead” kind of gift. more >

Montevideo 1696 at Guido, in Recoleta, 54-11-4805-4329. (The web site says the address is Av. Las Heras 3014 but you won’t find it there!) Individual portions range from AR$7 to AR$9. Cakes vary, expect around AR$60.
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Las Delicias

Another neighborhood confitería with fresh breads and tea cookies

Every Argentinean confitería has tiny tea cookies, called masas secas,that are covered in chocolate and pink gel and are reserved for the 4 p.m. merienda, or coffee and nap time. more >

Sarmiento 4599 at Lambaré, in Almagro.
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