The only authentic way to taste asado is to get invited to one in an Argentine’s home, but the next best thing is a great restaurant. To try a bite, here are a few options.


All you can eat parrilla in Palermo for AR$30

A local favorite, Reencuentro (meaning “reunite” or “another meeting”) offers tenedor libre, or the power to order anything you want off the menu while you’re there, for only AR$30. more >

Cabrera 4801 at Armenia, in Palermo, 54-11-4833-56666. Expect to drop AR$30 plus wine/beverages.
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Parrilla Peña

A cheap, authentic local parrilla spot in Microcentro

This competes with Reencuentro for the spot as my favorite parrilla in the city. It’s a little dirtier than Reencuentro, but instead of waiting in a line out the door, you’ll be waiting among a bunch of regulars… more >

Rodriguez Peña 682 at Viamonte, in Microcentro, 54-11-4371-5643. Cash only. Expect to drop around AR$40 and take home leftovers.
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Sifones y Dragones

A unique (but pricey) menu for a special night in Belgrano

This place is a little pricey (if you’re a student like me) but they only have about eight tables in the whole place, and the kitchen’s open. more >

Ciudad La Paz 174 at Santos Dumont, in Belgrano, 54-11-4413-9871. (Soler, in Palermo, becomes Ciudad La Paz after you cross Juan B. Justo.) Cash only. Expect to drop AR$100 (including wine).
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Northern Argentinean cuisine (stews and heavy sauces) at low prices in Recoleta

Here you’ll find the best Northern Argentinean cuisine, or the Argentinean version of soul food. Stick with a stew; all of them are full of sauce, spice and flavor… more >

Rodriguez Peña 1149 at Santa Fe, in Recoleta, 54-11-4813-9207. Cash only. Expect to drop AR$30, including a beverage.
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Social La Lechuza

A classic parrilla with a decorative personality in Palermo

Christmas lights decorate this tiny place all year. Come with a bunch of friends and pass the plates! Tourists don’t really seem to go here… more >

Uriarte 1980 at Soler, in Palermo, 54-11-4773-2781. Cash only. Christmas lights illuminate the outdoor seating area, too. Expect to drop between AR$30 and AR$40.
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Club Eros

The cheapest, most authentic parrilla in a soccer club in Palermo

So cheap. So fast. But don’t say I didn’t warn you—it’s not the greatest quality, so you’ll have to pick around the fat. If your meat is cooked wrong, no one’s going to give you a new piece… more >

Uriarte 1609 at Honduras, in Palermo, 54-11-4832-1313. Cash only. Expect to drop AR$15 to AR$20.
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El Faro

The best choripan, but the most difficult place to find (it’s worth it!) in Retiro

THE BEST CHORIPAN IN THE NATION. And that’s saying something! What’s choripanChorizo is a spicy sausage common in Spanish-speaking countries… more >

If it has an address, I couldn’t tell you (and I don’t know if the owners could either). You will get lost trying to find it, so don’t get frustrated. Keep walking past the Retiro train station… more >
Google Maps of the Retiro bus station location >

Cabaña Las Lilas

Crazy high prices for some of the best quality meat in the city, in Puerto Madero

This is the best meat I ate in Buenos Aires at a restaurant. But it also cost eight times what I paid for every other meal I enjoyed in Buenos Aires… more >

Alicia Moreau de Justo 516 at Corrientes, in Puerto Madero, 54-11-4313-1336. Visa and AmEx accepted. Expect to spend AR$200. There is no such thing as cheap wine here.
Official site >
Guía Óleo reviews >
Frommer’s awful review (the listed prices are too cheap, and they say it’s “packed”… but fail to mention that only tourists eat here) >
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