La Bomba de Tiempo

The Monday night place to be for stoners, rockers and anyone who loves drums

La Bomba de Tiempo, in action, courtesy of the band's web site

Every Monday at 7 p.m., rain or shine, the 17 percussionists that are La Bomba de Tiempo grace the stage at the Ciudad Cultural Konex. Part concert, part improvisation, this drum performance is one you won’t forget. Tambourines, cymbals, bongos—you name it, they play it. And maybe part of it is the cheap and plentiful beer, but the crowd goes wild.

In a sentence, it’s the perfect union of rhythm and drums and people. If you go once, you’ll go every Monday afterward. You might buy a CD and a t-shirt, too. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

La Bomba at Konex, courtesy of the band's web site

Sarmiento 3131 at Jean Jaurés. Tickets are AR$20. You’d do better to buy them earlier in the day or a few days in advance, if possible, because the line gets incredibly long. Don’t show up at 7 p.m. and expect to get a ticket—the show will be long sold out and the line still uber long.
Official event site >
Official La Bomba site >
Official La Bomba blog >
Google Maps of Ciudad Cultural Konex >

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