Club Museum

The Wednesday night boliche to get you through the rest of week

As Kika is to Fridays, Museum is to Wednesday. It’s the after-work watering hole where married men go to get drunk and single women go to dance. Don’t worry—it’s easy enough to avoid that crowd, as the bar is three stories high! (It was designed by the Gustave Eiffel.) Go with a large group or with just a few friends, and you’ll have plenty of room to part ways and join again later if you like.

If you reserve a table for dinner (using the form below) and get there when it opens at 10 p.m., a three-course prixe fixe dinner is included in the steep AR$30 entrance price. They put on a fashion show (usually bathing suits) and play reggaeton, ’80s and ’90s music until the rest of the club patrons arrive. In just a couple of hours, the entire place becomes the boliche (dance club) you came for!

Hint: Don’t stash your coat, either hold it or take it to the coat rack. They actually throw out stashed coats, and if the club owners don’t find it, a thief will.

Perú 535 at Venezuela, 54-11-4781-3358.
Official site >
Guía Óleo reviews >
To make a dinner reservation, fill out this form >
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One response to “Club Museum

  1. My favorite boliche in Buenos Aires, so true about the married men haha!

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