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Ethnic food isn’t so common in Buenos Aires, where the porteños prefer to eat their own foods over anything foreign. And when you do find ethnic food (that isn’t Peruvian) it’s rarely authentic and usually of bad quality. When you just can’t force down another ounce of steak, try these two restaurants for reliable, good quality eats.


A long wait is always worth it for this Arabic/Armenian restaurant in Palermo

Be prepared to wait for over an hour, but if you want some really good Arabic/Armenian food, this place is the greatest, not to mention only worthwhile spot in the city to get it. more >

Thames 1101 at Jufré, in Palermo, 54-11-4772-4911. Cash only. Expect to drop about AR$60.
Guia Oleo reviews >
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The Taco Box

Tex-Mex with Argentinean beef. Does it get any better? Palermo spot overrun with locals

Great Tex Mex! Think of the best taco you’ve ever had, then put Argentinean beef in it. That’s right. It exists. It’s here. Locals and tourists alike love this place, but it’s mostly favorited by locals… more >

Soler 5581 at Fitz Roy, in Palermo, 54-11-4776-2613. Cash only. Outdoor seating. Expect to drop AR$60.
Guia Oleo reviews >
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