The Pub

The beer menu is a perfect reason to linger after a movie at the Silverspot

The Pub in Naples, by Tara for TKGO

Fish and Chips are half price on Mondays (Quiz Night), but that only reduces the cost to $7. So what’s the draw? The drink menu is an extensive collection of European brews from Hobgoblin to Belhaven, with lengthy descriptions accompanying each one. The first few pages of the “Beverage Bible” are dedicated to explaining the differences between lager, stout and ale. Scotch, bourbon and gin choices are just as plentiful as the beer offerings, and they even list a couple martinis and red and white wines.

If you’re staying for dinner, the menu has its high points. The Fried Pickles ($6.95) are the single greatest item you can order. Burgers are better than average, especially Young’s Double Chocolate Stout BBQ Burger, with bacon, cheddar, Guinness onions, lettuce, tomato and Chocolate Stout BBQ sauce ($9.75). Those not looking to have a heart attack will be satisfied with the Pub Cuban, a French baguette with pulled pork, Canadian bacon, mustard, pickles and Swiss ($11.95).

Tara for TKGO City Guides

9118 Strada Stell Court, Ste 8160, Naples. (239) 594-2748. Reservations not accepted.
Official site >
The Pub’s Beverage Bible in PDF >
The Pub’s menu in PDF >
Google Maps >

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