Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Argentines are obsessed with their own cuisine, kind of like the French… except most Argentines will claim that Argentinean pastry chefs invented the medialuna (croissant). Argentines don’t like spicy foods, so you won’t find much of it in Buenos Aires. Because of the heavy Italian influence after a series of immigrations in the ’50s, foods like milanesa, or breaded pork (like Italian milanese), have been adopted and have become as Argentine as an asado. An asado, by the way, is a traditional Argentinean barbeque on a parrilla, or grill. Only men can do it, and it means that a crowd of them will stand outside smoking cigarettes near a grill for four hours, occasionally salting the meat or turning it over, and later putting out all their cigarettes in the grill’s ashes. Smoky tobacco flavor, anyone?


Cabaña Las Lilas: Crazy high prices for some of the best quality meat in the city, in Puerto Madero >

Club Eros: The cheapest, most authentic parrilla in a soccer club in Palermo >

*Cumaná: Northern Argentinean cuisine (stews and heavy sauces) at low prices in Recoleta >

*El Faro: The best choripan, but the most difficult place to find (it’s worth it!) in Retiro >

*Parrilla Peña: A cheap, authentic local parrilla spot in Microcentro >

*Reencuentro: All you can eat parrilla in Palermo for AR$30 >

Sifones y Dragones: A unique (but pricey) menu for a special night in Belgrano >

Social La Lechuza: A classic parrilla with a decorative personality in Palermo >


*La Rica Vicky: Real spicy food amid Peruvian expats (and TV shows) in Abasto >

Status: A slightly more upscale Peruvian spot in Congreso >

Other Ethnic

Sarkis: A long wait is always worth it for this Arabic/Armenian restaurant in Palermo >

*The Taco Box: Tex-Mex with Argentinean beef. Does it get any better? Palermo spot overrun with locals >


Bangalore Pub and Curry House: Not as spicy as you’d hope Indian food might be, but the beer list is surprising, in Palermo >

California Burrito Company: Craving Chipotle in Microcentro? CBC will satisfy >

Olsen: The closest you’ll come to a New York (or European) brunch, in Palermo >

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