With a drink menu this extensive, you’ll want to hang on the outdoor terraces year round

The bar's web site is as cool as its terraces (pictured), screenshot courtesy of the official web site

I have good reasons for naming this my favorite bar in Buenos Aires.

1. The terraces. The roof is a patio wonderland with wood and white leather booths separated by sheer curtains, and it’s open year round. Bartenders will serve you while you sit!

2. The drink menu. For reasonable prices, choose from a long list of martinis, whiskeys, bourbons, beers, champagnes—even shots, a rarity on the Buenos Aires beverage menu. You’ll find everything from sake to Jaggermeister, and every drink combination in between.

3. The vibe. This crowd is a mix of young people from all over. The locals you’ll meet are from all parts of Argentina, and some spent their lives in Buenos Aires. Some are expats, but don’t let that immediately turn you off. They’re the cool expats, and they don’t come in groups of English-speakers. They come with their Argentine friends and most have made Buenos Aires a permanent home, or have been here for a year or so. What do they all have in common? They’re all curious, beautiful, young and in-the-know when it comes to city happenings.

Niceto Vega 5511 at Humboldt, 54-11-4772-7582.
Official site (Spanish only) >
TimeOut Buenos Aires named it a Critic’s Choice >
Google Maps >

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