Port Olimpic

Flashy clubs Catwalk, *Shoko, *Opium and Carpe Diem Lounge Club line the beach

Opium, courtesy of WorldsBestNightlife.com

The Port Olimpic party strip is always, always fun, and you never have to pay so long as you grab the free flyers people thrust at you outside the clubs. Hold on to all of them so you can bounce around, but know that most are only good until about 12 am.

Head to Catwalk for a pink-lit club with a floor for house music and a small section upstairs reserved for hip hop. Catwalk connects to the Hotel Arts, so it does see a fair number of tourists. It has a very Euro, clubby vibe, but is still laid back.

Opium is probably the prettiest of the cluster, with white couches and lounge chairs on the beachside patio looking out to the Mediterranean. Inside, the dance space is large and spread out in one continuous area, with the bar area, deejay stand and outdoor patio offset from the main, lower dance area.

Shoko is the site of my first real foray into Barcelona nightlife. I consistently had fun nights at Shoko, even though décor and space-wise it wasn’t my favorite of the four Port Olimpic clubs (Nothing better than Opium on a busy night). The club is Asian-inspired, and the lounge couches and chairs on the outdoor, beachside patio are red, which differentiates it from Shoko and Opium if you enter from the beach level.

Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC) rounds out the Port Olimpic club quartet. I didn’t spend as much time at this one as the others, because for some reason it was closed fairly often. The interior layout isn’t the most conducive to dancing — at least not like Opium — but it is gorgeous. Some consider it the snobbiest of the bunch, and it’s definitely a place to dress to impress, perhaps more than the others on the strip. Daybeds on the patio make things interesting, too (some shell out 100+ Euros to reserve one).

Karina for TKGO City Guides

Catwalk: Ramón Trias Fargas 2/4. VIP: + 34 692 641 429.

Official site >
Google Maps >

Shoko: Passeig de Marítim 36. +34 932 259 200.

Official site >
Google Maps >

Opium: Passeig de Marítim 34. +34 902 609 40.

Official site >
Google Maps >

CDLC: Passeig de Marítim 32. +34 932 26 406.

Official site >

Google Maps >

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