Historic Attractions

Some of these spots might seem a tad touristy, but they’re definite go-to’s. (Others, not so much; I’ll tell you which to skip)

Historic Philadelphia, Courtesy of Google Maps

This is where it all went down, where our country was made. The first time I really appreciated the historicity of Independence Hall and the surrounding area (ie Independence Mall, Park) was during a class trip sophomore year in high school when I was simultaneously learning in-depth about that time in our country. Independence Hall and the immediate surrounding area are well-preserved, and you really feel as though you’ve been transported back in time. Getting inside Independence Hall is worth a wait (you can read original documents from the early years of our country when an “s” was an “f” or something crazy like that). As for the Liberty Bell, skip it if it’s a long line. Although it’s cool to get up close, you can get a clear  sight of the back of the bell right from outside.

After Independence Hall and a peek at the Liberty Bell, head over toward Benjamin Franklin’s grave at Christ Church and the Betsy Ross House. Even if you don’t head inside it’s an enjoyable walk, and you’ll come across some more charming, historic parts of the city along the way and nearby.

Betsy Ross House

Karina for TKGO City Guides

313 Walnut St. (215) 597-0152 to 239. Arch St. (215) 686-1252‎ (Betsy Ross House).

Official site >

Google Maps >

Independence Hall Site

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