Knee Deep Vintage

A constantly restocked, well-curated vintage collection in the South Loop

Knee Deep Vintage during a Midnight Sale, courtesy of the official Twitter.

The two men who run this store, Trent and Carlos, know where to find all the best pieces, and they frequently restock as they return from trips to L.A., estate sales in Highland Park and even Billings. You’ll find a few designer items, like Fendi shoes, but mostly it’s a collection of clothing and housewares with character (just like the store owners!). Look for cowboy boots, jewelry and some unique furniture.

Knee Deep also has “Midnight Sales” every month. They typically run from 6 p.m. to midnight and everything in the store is 25-50 percent off their already reasonable prices. And they always serve drinks, which never hurts. Get on their email listserv by entering your email address on their official site. (Even though it’s under construction, it still works.)

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1425 W. 18th St., Chicago. (312) 850-2510.
Official site (under construction) >
Official Facebook page >
Official Twitter >
Google Maps >

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