A slightly more upscale Peruvian spot in Congreso

Courtesy of Guía Óleo

This place is also great, and it’s in Congreso, a fun neighborhood to explore. Don’t order Inca Kola, whatever you do. It’s nasty yellow Peruvian soda with far too much sugar and far too little flavor. But everything else is good, and you’ll actually find (gasp!) spicy food here! Or at least spicy sauce to put on your food. Besides the ceviche, the best dish is the seco de cordero (a plate of cooked-until-tender lamb under a heavy sauce).

Tara for TKGO City Guides

Virrey Cevallos 178 at Adolfo Alsina, in Congreso/Microcentro. (54-11) 4382-8531. Expect to drop AR$40 (but you can use a credit card).
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