Club Eros

The cheapest, most authentic parrilla in a soccer club in Palermo

Inside Club Eros, from Guía Óleo

So cheap. So fast. But don’t say I didn’t warn you — it’s not the greatest quality, so you’ll have to pick around the fat. If your meat is cooked wrong, no one’s going to give you a new piece or throw it back on the parrilla. But no one comes here for the service. At AR$6 for a steak, who will argue? But the steaks come a la carte, so choose a side to split (they’re hearty). And don’t expect candles, either — the “dining area” is in an old soccer club’s back room. When you enter, don’t be confused. Go through the double doors on your right. (There are always a couple of old men sitting in the front room chatting or playing cards, and they aren’t going to direct you to the right spot.) No one speaks English here, but if you can point to what you want on the menu, you’ll be fine. Try the milanesa (breaded pork) if you’re not in the mood for a steak.

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Uriarte 1609 at Honduras, in Palermo. (54-11) 4832-1313. Cash only. Expect to drop AR$15 to AR$20.
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