Social La Lechuza

A classic parrilla with a decorative personality in Palermo

Christmas lights decorate this tiny place all year. Come with a bunch of friends and pass the plates! Tourists don’t really seem to go here, probably because there is better parrilla to be had in other parts of the city, but it’s reasonably priced and never crowded so you’ll never need a reservation and you’ll leave full. On top of that, it’s in Palermo, which is a trendy neighborhood where you’ll have a particularly difficult time otherwise finding cheap food and authentic Argentinean cuisine. (People in that neighborhood tend to go for the newest hot spots instead of the classic parrilla.) Quick hint: The word lechuza means “owl”, and there are tons of sculptures and plastic imitations all over the walls (but no real owls) so if they scare you, steer clear.

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Uriarte 1980 at Soler, in Palermo. (54-11) 4773-2781. Cash only. Christmas lights illuminate the outdoor seating area, too. Expect to drop between AR$30 and AR$40.
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