The prettiest and most perfect cupcakes of them all

More cupcakes, by Karina for TKGO.

I thought I was over the cupcake craze until I stepped into More on ritzy Delaware Place off Michigan Avenue. The tiny store resembles what one would imagine a contemporary cupcake museum to look like, with cupcakes delicately displayed on glassed-in shelves and softly lit.  The cupcakes are grouped by flavor — cheddar apple, valrhona, bacon white truffle and chocolate chocolate were some of the flavors displayed the day I visited — each perfectly plump and frosted.

I opted for a mini cupcake taster pack, which was six cupcakes with two of three different flavors. My only disappointment was that you can’t mix and match your flavors, though I probably would have ended up selecting the three flavors in the pack I purchased: red velvet, salted caramel and marble.

The marble totally surprised me as my favorite of the three. The cake was the perfect balance of moist and firm, and the frosting was rich in flavor and creamy yet light. As for the blended white and milk chocolate shavings on top, it was the perfect complement in texture and taste. I do have to say, as well, that when I tasted the red velvet cake, my reaction was, “This is what red velvet cupcakes should taste like!” specifically because of the cream cheese frosting. The dollop on top of the cupcake tasted like a bite of cheesecake.

I brought my extra cupcakes back to work for my coworkers. One was impressed with the salted caramel cupcake, while another tried the marble cupcake and was so smitten she went over to the store herself at the end of the day.

More only has one cupcake shop location, but lucky for everyone, they ship all over the country. Individual cupcakes (which are quite large, might I add) are $3.50-$6, and my pretty little pack of six was $9.50.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

1 E. Delaware Pl., Chicago. (312) 951-0001.
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